Yahaira Fernandez headshot

Yahaira Fernandez,

CRPC®, International Wealth Advisor Vice President, Wealth Management

Yahaira is always dedicated to doing what’s best for each client, and since no two are the same, neither is the approach she takes. “I want to fulfill their needs,” Yahaira says. “There are always wants, but I want to pursue what they need, whether it’s being able to buy a new home, generate income for retirement, or fund college for their children and grandchildren.”

The diverse range of clients she serves includes business owners, corporate executives, professional athletes and retirees. Yahaira is not only an advisor and advocate to them, she treats them like family.

“I am very protective of them and provide genuine care. I typically start my day by checking the markets and seeing who’s being impacted the most based on what’s happening. I’m always going to play defense,” says Yahaira. “‘I trust you’ is something I hear often. My clients know I’m in their corner and very passionate about what I do.”

Yahaira is dedicated to sharing the financial wisdom she has accrued during her career. “I believe that knowledge is power. I want to empower my clients with a better understanding and have them know what I know so they can ask better questions and make informed decisions,” she says.

Yahaira began her career as a personal banker in 2005 with Washington Mutual Bank. “I was exposed to the industry while working there,” she says. “As a single parent, I needed extra income, and the financial advisor at my bank recommended that I look into getting licensed since I would then able to effectively send business his way. I was amazed at what I learned studying for the course and now I just want to teach others what I know.”

Yahaira joined Raymond James in May 2021. Previously, she was an assistant vice president of investments and a financial advisor at Wells Fargo. She holds the professional designation of Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor℠. For the past four years, she has attended the Barron’s Advisory Team Summit, an invitation-only, higher education conference. In 2019, she was featured as a guest speaker.

Throughout the upward progression of her career, Yahaira has always remained humble. “I didn’t come from a wealthy family and I worked hard to get where I am,” she says.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Yahaira lives in Miami. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, working out, playing or watching sports, reading and spending time with her son, Alberto.