Comprehensively managing your wealth

At Prestwick Capital Advisors, our collaborative approach to wealth management is a partnership that requires our focus and commitment along with your discipline and trust. Our solid foundation for working together begins with listening to your thoughts, goals, desires and concerns. Then, by asking the right questions, we help you gain greater clarity of your objectives to help prioritize what’s most important. We develop a framework, steps and a timeline to reach your goals – before we get into specific investing tactics and precise execution – as we believe the investment management component is just that, a by-product of the overall financial picture. Wealth management is a confluence of art and science, so we help to identify and understand your values, as those remain constant, adapting to the changes in your goals. We strive to constantly innovate our philosophy, and adapt to the ever changing environment around us while providing an unparalleled level of advice to every one of our clients.Our perspective is that comprehensive wealth management revolves around four key areas: