Thoughtful investing for your organization

Foundations and endowments come to us for insightful financial guidance so they can continue to focus on their purposeful missions. Whether working with church endowments or nonprofit foundations, we prudently manage investments in a very methodical way that keeps the organizations’ best interests at heart.

We help them create and maintain a well-defined plan, beginning with an investment policy statement designed to bring continuity to decision-making even as committee members and fiduciaries change. By employing a conservative investment approach, we pursue their objectives for careful growth and asset preservation.

In addition, we address other items of importance, as needed, including cash flow management, risk management and tax liability. Our team collaborates with their directors, board members and other professional advisors such as trustees, attorneys and CPAs to monitor expenses.

It’s this high level of financial knowledge, along with concern and coordination, that helps ensure the organizations we serve can serve their missions for decades to come.