Stacy Payne
Stacy Garr Senior Client Associate

Stacy began working in the financial services industry in 2000, joining RiverWealth Management Group in 2015. She brings to the team extensive experience in client services and operations. As a client associate, her duties entail all facets of client service including setting up new accounts, requests for fund transfers and client reporting. Her voice is often the first heard when calling any line in our office.

Stacy believes that clients should both expect and receive excellent personal attention, which is perhaps her biggest of many strengths. Stacy enjoys earning the trust and confidence of all clients by actively listening and addressing their needs. She often engages in meaningful conversations beyond business matters and truly enjoys hearing about things that might be going on in the lives of our clients. These conversations might range from discussing the birth of a new baby to sharing memories from a favorite vacation years ago.

A lifelong Louisville resident, Stacy loves to spend time at home with her husband and the two youngest of three sons. She is a committed mother and always puts the needs of her sons first while also striving to be the best role model. Wherever she goes, Stacy creates quality moments with family and friends, whether it be unwinding by a fire pit in the mountains of Tennessee or relaxing on the beaches of Florida.