• Robert J. Ellis

    Chairman & Founder, RJEFA

    Financial Advisor/Registered Principal, RJFS

Bob founded Robert J. Ellis Financial Advisors, LLC, a legacy partner of Crux Wealth Advisors. In 2022, he joined our team as a Financial Advisor and Registered Principal at our Orchard Park, NY office. Bob has 39 years in the financial services industry. He has always strived to educate clients on their whole investment picture, as well as giving them a basic understanding of fees and the risks associated with the investments chosen for them.

For over 30 years, Bob has been CEO of Robert J. Ellis Financial Advisors, LLC (previously Robert J. Ellis Financial Services, DBA Robert J. Ellis since founding on October 1, 1989). He was a financial consultant with a major brokerage firm from 1986 to 1989; and from 1983 to 1986, he was an assistant trust investment officer with the old Liberty National Bank and Trust Company. Bob was faced with the choice of handling accounts over $1,000,000 for Liberty National Bank and Trust Company and moving out of town or finding another position locally, so Bob stayed in Western New York where his family has lived for three generations.

When Bob began his career in March 1983, he started without any clients, but in the years since, he’s seen the practice expand to more than 500 clients. His commitment to clients coupled with his vast investment knowledge has allowed the business to grow strictly from client referrals.

Bob has watched families grow and change, and in many cases, he now has multi-generational clients from the same family. Together, Bob and his clients ride the roller coaster of life. He revels in the highs (weddings, children, retirement), and is a pillar of support for the lows (divorce, sickness, death). Financial planning requires a certain level of intimacy, and as such, Bob views his clients as friends as well as business associates.

Bob is a summa cum laude graduate of Buffalo State College, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in business studies; and he majored in accounting at Niagara University.

Bob takes an active interest in our community. He has over 38 years of involvement with the Cornell Cooperative extension of Erie County, both as a participant and as a volunteer. He served four years as board president and two years as treasurer during this time. Bob truly believes in the importance of youth programs, for they build character; and teaches personal accountability, responsibility, and common sense.

Bob has also served as a board member for the American Red Cross, Erie Community College Foundation, and Hemophilia Center, along with being a co-chair for the United Way Allocations Panel.

Bob is a lifelong resident of East Aurora and enjoys spending time with his extended family. He takes pride in his beloved Basenji show dogs, loves to take walks through his garden, and enjoys seeing all the latest films and has 2 rescue dogs he cares for.

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