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Planning to last

Following a comprehensive four-step framework, I work in collaboration with clients to first customize the planning process and then develop investment strategies designed to achieve individual goals and build lasting legacies.

Robinton Process

1 – Understand
I use a variety of resources including questionnaires and interviews to understand a client’s personal goals, current financial situations, investment experiences and tolerance for risk. In this step, I fully explain my capabilities and provide educational support to clients in understanding the scope of services I offer to help meet individual objectives.

2 – Design
I analyze the information provided and design solutions intended to help achieve the specific objectives outlined. This step may involve collaboration with other specialists or existing professionals. I present my recommendations, answer questions, weigh alternatives and outline the next steps for implementing the plan.

3 – Implement
In this step, I execute the customized strategy using the extensive tools available to me through Raymond James. This involves the selection of specific account types, investment products and optional services; I then complete the necessary paperwork in a coordinated approach.

4 – Manage
Once implemented, I continually monitor the progress of my recommendations relative to the defined objectives and suggest changes when needed. A key to this step is client involvement in the process and communication of any significant life changes. I accomplish this by providing ongoing reporting of account activity and by conducting periodic reviews.