Our approach
to investing

As value-based investors, we strive to take full advantage of opportunistic events and misperceptions in the marketplace. We look for equities with strong fundamentals such as earnings, dividends, book value and cash flow that are selling at a favorable price given their quality. Overall portfolio income stream is extremely important to us.

We employ macroeconomic and geopolitical analysis to help us identify favorable sectors and, ultimately, individual investment opportunities. While the location of a company’s headquarters is a consideration, the more important role geography plays is in assessing a company’s sources of revenue streams and the economic prospects of those countries and customers.

Balanced strategy characteristics

Generally, our balanced strategy asset allocation is approximately 65% equity and 35% fixed income. Fixed income consists of short- to medium-term corporate bonds and preferred shares. However, we may adjust the allocation between fixed income and equity securities to suit the needs of each individual client.

  • Companies incorporated in the strategy are headquartered in developed markets: U.S., U.K., Europe, Hong Kong, Australia and Canada
  • We look to include companies with a credit quality of investment grade, with rare exceptions.
  • Corporate governance: Invested in jurisdictions/countries with higher degrees of transparency and reliable accounting standards; avoidance of companies with questionable or aggressive accounting tactics
  • Social responsibility: No tobacco, gaming, alcohol, etc.
  • Minimal exposure to NASDAQ, biotechnology and retailer shares
  • Yield is a key component to our investment strategy. Our goal is to exceed the S&P 500 Index yield.

We seek global investment opportunities

There is a world of opportunity out there – and we seek it, track it and invest in it.

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