A Synopsis of the Clients We Serve

What our clients seek is sound financial counsel and well-reasoned responses to complex issues specific to corporate executives and business owners who have significant assets, goals and risk exposure. By deliberately focusing on serving these clients, SSG Executive Advisory Group is well positioned to serve them with a more focused perspective.

We specialize in applying a higher degree of knowledge to the dynamic complexities of wealth.

We believe our clients tend to have more specialized needs than the average investor and need help with matters such as non-qualified deferred compensation, stock options and estate planning, all while taking their family dynamics into account when assembling a portfolio. While they have substantial assets, they are still uneasy about retiring and relying on their portfolio to provide the income they need to maintain their lifestyles.

We find our clients are so busy in their careers that they have neither the time nor inclination to focus on their financial planning. They recognize the value of working with the SSG Executive Advisory Group’s experienced team of advisors to help them develop a detailed wealth plan and revisit it at regular intervals to measure the progress toward their goals.