A planning process for pursuing your goals

Our planning process is a very important aspect of the client experience here at Stride Wealth Planning. We strongly believe that you start with the planning, not the investments. We’d like to talk about the goals you have, the future you envision, as well as the concerns and needs you have. It’s what will ultimately help us personalize a plan to map it all out.

Then we can discuss the investments, taking into account the current economic environment and how you’re positioned against it to reach your goals. We don’t recommend investments based on chasing market trends, but according to what’s suitable for you and your family.

There may also be different areas of your life that will inevitably need the thoughtful counsel of your tax and legal professionals – so we’ll coordinate with them to help seamlessly address all matters that your plan should encompass.

Once we’re done, we’ll make sure you understand your plan and are comfortable with it. Then with your approval, we’ll put it into action. Of course, we’ll monitor the progress as time unfolds, incorporating any changes in your personal life. Most of all, remember that we’re always here for you wherever life takes you.

A recap of our planning process

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
C.S. Lewis