Sunstone Wealth Management has a process in a way that is all-inclusive and goes beyond just investments. It’s a comprehensive roadmap that is designed to put you on the right financial track. We encourage thoughtful conversation because we know it leads to a better understanding of your situation where we put you, your family, your business and loved ones at the center. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism when guiding you to maintain a disciplined long term investment approach.

As an independent firm, we deliver customized wealth planning services that are tailored to the financial needs of many affluent families. We strongly believe in the team approach to wealth planning. Here is how our office defines wealth management:

Wealth Management = Investment Consulting + Advanced Planning + Relationship Management

Investment consulting is the process of selecting the specific investments that are suitable for our clients’ portfolio. We review the progress of your plan relative to your defined objectives and suggest changes where needed as it relates to allocation, return, risk, impact of inflation and impact of taxes.

Advanced planning addresses the top three primary financial concerns beyond investment consulting: wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, and wealth protection.

Wealth Enhancement focuses on the various strategies our clients utilize to help protect and maintain their wealth. The principal focuses are tax mitigation and cash flow planning.

Wealth Transfer ensures that your asset transfer goals are met. While estate planning attorneys assist in the creation of living trusts and other documents, our team handles IRA, Roth, or Insurance beneficiary paperwork, and assists in titling of taxable accounts.

Wealth Protection is something we discuss with clients to make sure their wealth is sufficiently protected. Creditors, death, illness, disability, and liability all pose significant threats to clients’ wealth. Even though we do not sell some necessary services, such as homeowner’s insurance or umbrella policies, we do guide our clients through the various decisions that need to be made and help provide clarity where there is often confusion.

Relationship Management has two parts. First, the foundation of our relationship is based trust and open communication that we will continue to foster over the life of our partnership. Second, involves facilitating and maintaining relationships with our client’s other network of professionals: estate attorney, accountant, and insurance specialist.

Our office cherishes family, health, and our community. Our culture and work environment contribute to the positive client experience that we continually provide day in and day out.