"So, what is your movie?”

The movie concept is a way for us to engage our clients to get them excited about planning for their future as if their life were a movie. This is not to be taken literally; we do not have cameras follow you around to film your life and put it in a movie. We are financial planners. First, we collect all the financial information about your income, expenses, assets and your “goals”- which are the things you want in your movie. Then we plug the numbers into our program called Goal Planning and Monitoring, or “GPM”, which runs simulations to give you a “score”. The score represents how confident the program is in your reaching all of your goals without running out of money. We believe that a high score equates to a “happy ending” for your movie. If not, we can make changes to the plan in order to bring you into the preferable “confidence zone”. Nothing is permanent so we can update your movie at your annual review or whenever a life-changing event happens.