Planning that considers the bigger picture

The Driscoll Group specializes in helping people through life’s major transitions. Whether you are planning for retirement, have recently lost a spouse or parent, are changing careers, or adjusting to an empty nest; we can help guide you through the many decisions you face with independent, objective planning and advice.

Financial Planning

Most folks spend more time planning their vacations than they do their financial future. It is no wonder so few attain financial independence. Your comprehensive financial plan needs to provide a global framework for attaining your goals and the means for you to track your progress.

Retirement Planning

Picturing, let alone forecasting, a retirement that may last 30 years or more is a daunting task. ‘How much will it cost to live?’ ‘How much more, if any, do I need to save?’ ‘Do I have enough?’ ‘What pension option should I take?’ ‘What should I do with my 401k, 403b, etc?’ ‘What about long term care?’ Amidst the ‘what-ifs,’ markets, politics, and global economic shifts, we provide a vital, disciplined, non-emotional approach to helping you make sound decisions.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management, in its truest sense, can be broken down into 3 areas; Asset Management, Tax Planning, and Estate Planning.

Asset Management is about discipline and diversification. You want to ensure your portfolio can endure most any economic storm, be it inflation, recessions, market swings, bubbles, etc. Furthermore, you want your portfolio to be customized to your objectives and synchronized with your goals and tolerance for risk.

Tax Planning… generally speaking, we all want to pay as little tax as is required. After all, it is not how much you earn, but how much you get to keep, that counts. Are you taking advantage of the tax code to the extent you can? Most are not – we can help.

Estate Planning… The settlement of an estate can be a costly, time consuming, and trying process – frequently creating discord among surviving family members. With proper planning you can ensure your legacy passes as quickly, efficiently, and privately as possible.

Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss. Raymond James does not offer tax or legal advice or services. Please consult a qualified professional to discuss these matters.

Unique needs of widows and divorcees

Losing a spouse through death or divorce is one of life’s greatest challenges. We strive to provide a respite, a sense of calm during what can often be a tumultuous time. More than 30% of our clients are widowed or divorced. We feel particularly called to provide support and confidence to those in these situations. From helping you take control of your finances, to uncovering options for your future, we are here to help… today and tomorrow.