Since 2008, we have worked with Raymond James to ensure all of our clients receive financial planning advice and solutions most suited to their personal goals.  With the resources of Raymond James, we can ensure our financial planning practice continues to deliver a high level of client service, while allowing us to have access to the broad range of expertise required to plan, implement and monitor our comprehensive financial planning approach. 

Raymond James Values

While the markets change, our long-standing core values remain the same. Raymond James is, and always will be, a client-focused firm that values conservatism, independence and integrity.

Raymond James Values


Client First

We take care of our clients and their financial well-being. Simply put, your needs come first – and always will.


We take a long-term approach. We believe disciplined decision-making helps us maintain our standing as a strong, stable firm for our clients.


Raymond James is an independent firm comprised of empowered individuals who choose to make the company great. Raymond James’ unique culture of independence gives us the freedom to meticulously tailor a long-term plan based solely on what’s best for each client and their specific financial goals.


We are forthright in our approach and work to earn – and keep – your trust. Integrity is a core element of who we are.