The real value we offer our clients is working as their financial steward. If a client has any concern that involves their finances, they know they have one place to go for guidance. We define our success not in terms of whether investments beat this or that financial market index, but we define our success in terms of how we are helping our clients achieve their goals. What we do for clients each day is help people retire, give guidance on how to save for college expenses, help to protect families in case of untimely death or disability, plan for their legacy and other critically important actions.

Divorce - Divorce is a significant life event that involves a tremendous emotional life adjustment. We understand these emotions and can serve as a partner in helping you understand how the decisions made today will impact your financial future. We have expertise to serve during the divorce process to support you and your attorney as well as being your financial guide after the divorce is finalized. Services include: financial analysis, financial planning, and expert witness testimony.

Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs - Business owners and entrepreneurs have unique and complex needs. Because they do not have the support of a major corporation (including pensions and other benefits), they are solely responsible for their financial well-being. We work well with them because they are innovators, decision makers and value independent advise. Services provided include retirement plan options, insurance (life, health and disability), and cash management.

Sudden Wealth - These clients have become wealthy through a significant liquidity event. Examples of this would include an inheritance, sale of a small business, and lawsuit settlements. Because their wealth event has occurred, they are focused on asset protection and we spend a significant amount of time discussing their legacy and wishes for their wealth. Services include investments, risk management, trust services and legacy planning.

Transitioning to Retirement - Making the life change from working to retirement is a water shed event in a client’s life. There are many changes to consider that are not only financial, but emotional as well. The financial issues include how to deal with inflation, cash flow (especially social security), longevity risk and market volatility. We work to help these clients make this transition as smooth as possible. Services include 401k rollovers, pension options, long term care insurance, stock options, and legacy planning.

Investors/Pre-Retirees - These clients are increasingly anxious about their financial futures. They are concerned with how much to save for retirement, college and how to protect themselves and their families in case of untimely death or disability. They recognize the fact that they are fully responsible for their own retirement with pensions no longer being offered and the uncertainty of social security’s existence. Services include 401k consulting, IRA rollovers, asset allocation, investments, 529 college savings and insurance.