Looking after your wealth while always looking out for you

You want your wealth to be carefully managed and preserved by experienced financial professionals. But, most important, you want to work with people who truly care about your personal well-being. You’ll find both at Wasser Wealth Management. We’re here to serve as your trusted financial partner, providing advice and guidance as your life evolves.

The logic behind our logo

You’ve probably noticed that a horse holds a prominent position in our logo. That is entirely by design. Amy Wasser truly loves horses. Horses are elegant, strong and free. At Wasser Wealth Management, we want to provide an elegant wealth management process to our clients and build a strong financial plan so they are free to live their best lives. The shield graphic represents our commitment to the reliability and preservation of assets and trust, which are both so vital in this business.

Our mission spelled out in detail

Harness our client’s ability to
Organize their wealth,
Realize their financial goals,
Secure their future and
Extend their legacy.

Our process for personalizing your financial plan

Together, we can help you bring your vision for the future into sharp focus so you can begin to prepare for it. Our process gives us an orderly way to identify relevant strategies for moving forward and fully addressing your needs.

Our seven-step E.L.E.G.A.N.T. Process:

E - Explore your story
L - Learn about your goals and values
E - Evaluate your personal financial situation
G - Gain perspective of our value-based, holistic approach with personalized services/strategies tailored to your needs
A - Assess your progress toward the pursuit of your goals
N - Navigate the next phases of life with asset preservation and income planning
T - Transition wealth to the next generation or charity of your choice

There is no assurance any investment strategy will be successful. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of capital.