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Our Story

There is a painting of a buffalo that Jimmie’s grandmother, Melinda, painted years ago from a picture her husband, Jim Simpson, took on his way back to College Station during his years at Texas A&M University. That picture was taken in Valley Mills, Texas, where Jim's great grandfather, Richard Simpson, was one of the original settlors. At one point, Richard owned most of the land between Valley Mills and Crawford. He eventually split that land to give to each of his kids while also gifting the land along Hog Creek to Patton Baptist Church where services are still held and the Simpson family has their annual reunion.

Though the land given to each of the children was eventually lost in the Great Depression, one of the sons – Bunion Simpson – and his wife, Effie, continued living in the area on the Hall Ranch where Bunion served as the ranch foreman. Mr. Hall was well known at that time for the 20 or so head of bison that he had on the ranch, and one of Bunion’s many responsibilities was caring for that herd (which included the dangerously handheld watermelon feeding he was notorious for).

Bunion’s son was W.B. Simpson, who would eventually have Jim Simpson as a son, and father and son would visit regularly to help Bunion work the ranch and the buffalo it supported. Melinda’s painting hung above their fireplace until the day she gifted it to Jimmie a couple of years after starting the business in 2017. That painting would become the inspiration for the name White Buffalo Wealth.

The buffalo is one of the most revered animals in America. Resilient, tough, and iconic – a signal of strength to many. It is said that one of the attributes that earned the buffalo such respect is the uncommon response buffalo have to a storm. Instead of turning and moving away from a storm, as many other animals do, the buffalo will turn to face the storm – knowing they will be on the other side quicker if they take it head-on. In Native American culture, and to many others as well, the white buffalo is a special occurrence within the species. The birth of a white buffalo is extremely rare, and in Native American culture, the appearance of a white buffalo signifies hope and prosperity to come.

The bottom line is you can count on us to occupy a position of strength in your corner – resilient and ready to help you turn and face every storm that comes your way. Our goal is to be a source of light and hope, optimistically focused on what is ahead for you, your family, and your organizations. White Buffalo Wealth will be the uncommon in a world of status quo. Whether chasing your goals, mitigating risk or taxes, or resolving financial complexities, we want to be there for you.