Dionne Terzoli
Dionne Michelle Terzoli, AAMS® Office Manager Financial Advisor

Coming from a fairly large family, I understood early-on what having financial struggles really meant.  Seeing and experiencing financial difficulties during my childhood is what drove me to study and pursue a career in finance, with the intention of helping others gain financial freedom.  I graduated from the local university, California State University of Sacramento, with a Finance degree at the height of 2008, beginning my industry experience just as The Great Recession took hold of America.  It was during that time where I have seen what it takes to weather the storms of the market and also learned how to help clients through the hard times.  Over the course of my career, I have developed skills and obtained certifications on how to best manage our client accounts.  With background knowledge and experience in banking, I have an advantage of understanding the behind-the-scenes workings of financial institutions, allowing me to provide better service and expectations to clients.  I am always excited and eager to help people learn about this industry, to better equip them with navigating their own finances.  But the best part of this job, is meeting people of all different circumstances and knowing what we do can make a difference in their lives and quite possibly their entire family tree.