What you can expect when working with us

First and foremost, you will have a trusted financial partner you can turn to for objective advice and feel comfortable asking any question, financial or otherwise.

You will experience the high importance we place on client service and can expect our personal attention and prompt response to your needs and requests. You will benefit from our true team approach, meaning that if your primary advisor is not available, another team member with knowledge of your situation and plan can step in and assist you.

You will find us to be forthright about the entire process of how we’ll work together on your financial plan and portfolio. To create your comprehensive financial plan, we’ll begin with a discovery process to help us learn all we can about you, your goals and your values.

Much of our initial conversation will involve getting to know each other and determining if there’s a good mutual fit. Our goal is to understand your needs in order to help resolve any financial issues or concerns you currently have. You might have questions such as: I’m not really sure about my 401(k) allocation. Can I afford to send my kids to college? Should I retire and take the deal my company is offering?

Based on our conversation, we’ll put together an action plan to organize and prioritize your issues and concerns, and then review them with you to determine what’s most important to you.

If we’re both comfortable with working together and you agree to move forward as our client, it will be time to build out your comprehensive financial plan. Here is the process we’ll follow, outlined in four basic steps.