The financial ramifications of a divorce can be devastating. But, with proper planning and expert help from professionals specializing in financially equitable divorce settlements, you can increase your chances of arriving at a settlement that fully addresses your needs. Divorce Planning encompasses both pre-divorce and post-divorce financial planning. Divorce Planning helps clients with financial issues that will affect the rest of their lives.

In the beginning stages of the divorce process, both parties spend a great deal of time trying to get a clear understanding of the financial aspects and terminology of the separation. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA™) professional can explain all financial aspects of the pending decisions and help to empower their client to make educated decisions throughout the proceedings.

Blake | Cooper Financial Strategies works for both individuals and couples going through divorce using the litigation and mediation but primarily in the collaborative divorce process. Our role in the divorces process as Certified Divorce Financial Analyst is to increase the clients’ chances of arriving at a settlement that fully addresses their long term financial needs. For more information about the collaborative divorce process go to

Our team can help you with the following:

  • Analyze the short and long term effects of dividing property
  • Specifics about the tax effects of dividing certain properties
  • Analyze pension and retirement plans
  • Calculate the present value of a pension
  • Identify future goals
  • Determine if a client can afford the marital home, and if not, what he/she can afford
  • Develop budgets
  • Create a retirement plan
  • Assist in education planning
  • Evaluate continued health care coverage
  • Educate the clients regarding all aspects of the financial settlement
  • Analyze life insurance needs and current policies