We aspire to inspire. Guidance you deserve.

The beauty of God’s greatest creations is all around us, from awe-inspiring mountains to majestic sunsets. These natural vistas can inspire you to think deeply about how to live the life you’ve envisioned. We would welcome the opportunity to assist your quest for a life of purpose.

At Borza Wealth Management Group of Raymond James, we can help you pursue your most cherished dreams that quicken your step and occupy your thoughts. We do this by listening intently to the spoken and observing the unspoken to develop a course of action aligned with your aspirations.

With the accumulated knowledge of a highly experienced team, you can gain confidence in the thoughtful management of your financial resources – pursuing your goals with clarity and purpose.

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Serving the needs Of the individual

We have experience in serving the distinct needs of a diverse set of clients, including families, business owners, retirees and corporate executives. We are committed to serving the individual, offering responsive service and wealth management strategies tailored to your situation.

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“Steadfast”: The Lone Cypress Tree of Pebble Beach, California, is a symbol of strength and courage, withstanding the forces of nature.