Three Reasons To Hire A Financial Advisor

People must have three components to effectively manage their finances.

Time ...


Would you trade a portion of your wealth for more time with your family? More time with friends? Time is your wealth, not money. People are busy going about their lives, and they rely on us to put in the time they don't have, or don't want to have, to manage their finances effectively. As a team of advisors this is what we do for nine hours a day, and there are often times when we’re communicating with a client after office hours or on the weekends so that they don't have to do the work themselves.

Expertise ...

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With whom do you discuss your personal finances openly? One or two close relatives ... a close friend? People in general are reluctant to share, and consequently learn about, personal financial information and strategies due to the emotions that can be involved when discussing money. Our team, on the other hand, has been involved with the stories and concerns of many families over our combined careers.

Expertise in our chosen profession is not about choosing one investment over the other or finding the hot stock. It’s about being experienced with family financial matters.

Expertise, longevity and resources allows us to evaluate and solve, drawing on the experience of having done so for many others in the past, and create financial strategies that clients might not otherwise think of themselves.

Emotional Discipline ...

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Is money an emotional subject to discuss, let alone about which to make decisions? Oftentimes we are the emotional discipline and voice of reason that people lack when it comes to managing their own money.

Anchoring on cost basis and taxes, overconfidence and a personal history with money are all examples of behavioral finance traits that inhibit a person's ability to think rationally about their own money.

Despite being deeply connected to our client’s and their financial success, it’s not our money… it’s yours and we never lose sight of that. However, through our disciplined advice we can help close the behavioral gaps individuals’ experience. We may bring a level of emotional discipline and calm to a client when faced with uncertainty in the financial markets, or a period of transition in their lives.

Any opinions are those of the FA and not necessarily those of Raymond James.