Addressing the specific needs of reinsurance agents

We understand the important role reinsurance agents fill and recognize the tremendous amount of time and attention they must devote to the many details of their daily responsibilities. We know that the more we do for them, the less they have to do – so they can focus on what they do best: serving their clients.

We place a strong value on delivering exceptional client service and personalizing our strategies to each client we serve. Because we are such a significant presence in the reinsurance industry, we are able to consolidate assets under management and offer a favorable fee structure. Prudent investment management, exceptional service, customized reporting and competitive fees: We know what reinsurance agents want – and we deliver.

A client scenario // Reinsurance agent

A reinsurance agent represents several different product lines and works with multiple companies, including a primary vehicle service contract company, a high-mileage service contract company, and other companies for tire and wheel products, and paint and fabric. He had a hard time keeping up with all the details, and is dissatisfied with the service, reporting and fee structure he and his client was receiving.

What we would do for him:

First, we would advise him that by having accounts in different places, the fees he was paying were too high. We would recommend that we manage the assets of all the trust accounts and then meet with other administrators to package them together to gain fee-pricing efficiency. We would create custom reporting to address his desire to see precisely and clearly how the accounts were doing. Above all, to create an extraordinary client experience, we would provide a high level of personal service by reaching out on a regular basis.

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