Investor Access
401(k) Rollovers

Easing the anxiety of 401(k) plan options

We can discuss your 401(k) plan options if you plan to change companies or exit the workforce. You typically have four options (and may engage in a combination of these options): Leave the money in your former employer's plan, if permitted; roll over the assets to your new employer's plan, if permitted; roll over to an IRA; or cash out the account value.

Both employer plans and IRAs typically involve investment-related expenses and plan or account fees. Investment-related expenses may include sales loads, commissions, the expenses of any mutual funds in which assets are invested and investment advisory fees. Plan fees typically include plan administrative fees (e.g., recordkeeping, compliance, trustee fees) and fees for services such as access to a customer service representative. In some cases, employers pay for some or all of the plan's administrative expenses. An IRA's account fees may include, for example, administrative, account setup and custodial fees.

What to expect from your 401(k) advisor