Investor Access
Client Experience

Help align financial decisions with your goals and track results

Our innovative Goal Planning & Monitoring (GPM) software enables us to align financial decisions with your unique vision of retirement and other highly personalized objectives. Through GPM, you will have a dynamic plan that uses your unique goals and priorities as the foundation of our ongoing recommendations. Should something need changing, your plan can be easily revised with up-to-date holdings and values in real time, making it more efficient to use in our ongoing client review meetings with you.

GPM provides highly visual outputs in a variety of forms so we can choose a presentation form that’s right for you. We can present plan results to you on an iPad, on a monitor in our conference room, or in an intuitive printout. For the ultimate in convenience, you can use the Investor Access client site to access information yourself.

GPM also offers interactive “what if” tools such as PlayZone®, a Social Security optimizer and a series of realistic “stress tests” to enable us to easily and quickly test changes or potential risks to your plans. Once you have accepted your plan, we’ll use GPM to track your progress toward attaining your goals over time.

For a video demonstration of how GPM can make a difference in your financial life, click here.