Financial Advisor Eric Costello started his business in Aptos (CA) working with broker-dealer Edward Jones in 1999. Eric built his business by, quite literally, knocking on doors in the community and introducing himself to prospective clients one by one. After two solid years of door knocking daily, Eric's business grew and he was able to hire a full time office administrator. The office kept growing, and at its peak we had two financial advisors and three full time administrators.

While a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones, Eric was named a Limited Partner, as well as serving on the Leadership Team, in a role of training new brokers coming through the Edward Jones region he was a part of (an area ranging from the Golden Gate Bridge down to King City).During Eric's time at Edward Jones he was being flown by the firm to their international headquarters, located in both the Toronto metro area and Canary Wharf in London, to teach the brightest of the firm's recruits on how to be successful financial advisors.

Kendra K. Cleary joined Eric's team in 2006 as a part time Branch Assistant, and was promoted multiple times during their period with that firm. Kendra was also named a Limited Partner with Edward Jones, at the time she was the youngest (non-sales) Limited Partner ever in Edward Jones history. She won awards for both service and business levels throughout her tenure with Edward Jones.Prior to the launch of Costello Wealth Strategies Eric and Kendra had started looking for an alternative direction to take their business in order to better service their clients and offer a more diverse portfolio of investment opportunities. Two years of due diligence and research, along with multiple meetings as well as trips to other broker-dealer's Home Offices resulted in a clear winner for the best fit for their clients and their new business when choosing the new broker dealer. So in 2013 after a 15 year successful career with Edward Jones they decided to start their independent practice, Costello Wealth Strategies, Inc. and partner with Raymond James Financial Services.

At Costello Wealth Strategies we consider investments as a means to an end, whether the goal is a comfortable retirement, a grandchild's education or a legacy for future generations. That's why we have chosen to work with Raymond James, a firm that focuses on goals, not transactions.Backed by the wide array of resources, investments and tools available through Raymond James, we are well positioned to determine how to effectively address your needs, develop appropriate strategies, construct well-crafted portfolios and help you achieve your financial objectives.

At Costello Wealth Strategies, Eric and Kendra work with you to develop custom solutions designed to address all aspects of your financial life. Although the specific needs of each individual are different, they find that most of their clients look to them for one or more of the following solutions:

  • Retirement
  • Legacy and Estate
  • Institutional Investing
  • Cash Management
  • Small Business Solutions