Tailored service, disciplined strategies, committed guidance

Experience the Definition difference. With nearly half a billion dollars under management as of 1/25/2024, we are defining a different type of financial planning experience—blending technology, transparency, and access with time-tested strategies keeping you at the center, always.

As a next generation advisory group, we have spent years building on traditional wealth management strategies. Through this we have seen the need for a more modern, fresh approach that doesn’t just embrace tradition, but helps redefine it altogether. That’s why we created Definition Private Wealth & Consulting of Raymond James.

Everything we do helps write the narrative to support the goals you have, the life you’re building, and the intended success that a well-crafted plan has in store. Your financial journey is not a mystery – it’s a shared exploration, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

At Definition Private Wealth & Consulting, our promise is to always strive to help you redefine your future.