Successful People seeking smart advice

Our clients are not just here for the commodity of investment management; they are here for the prudent shepherding of their wealth. They recognize that they don’t have all the answers and aren’t hesitant to call us for advice when something new comes up.

Our clients know how they want to spend their time, and it’s not managing their financial matters.

They are eager to delegate, which means different things to different clients – some delegate things like bill pay, and others prefer that our team take the lead on navigating complicated estate planning issues.

They see the value in having a comprehensive wealth management plan and experienced financial professionals who can answer their “Can I do this?” questions. Often it involves a specific event, such as an inheritance, the sale of a business or an approaching retirement. It is one thing when you have some savings and you’re playing in the stock market, it’s another when a major transition involves a significant sum of money that impacts your life.

We work with multiple generations of families. We have helped them navigate difficult financial and emotional situations with a level of loyalty and empathy that only makes our relationships stronger.

A few examples of what clients ask for help with:

  • They received a LifeLockTM identity theft alert and wanted to know what they should do about it.
  • They are having a difficult financial conversation with one of their adult children and want our advice.
  • They want help working through the financial details of a prenuptial agreement.
  • They want our advice on their ability to pay college expenses for particular schools.
  • They want to know the most appropriate way to invest in a new business to be sure it wouldn’t have a negative impact on their long-term plan.