Personalized planning for your financial goals

Your financial goals, aspirations and investment needs are just that – yours. And your financial plan should reflect that. So rather than ask you to settle for an off-the-shelf investment program, I’m here to provide you with personalized financial planning based on your most cherished goals. As your advisor, my job is to explain the process and answer any questions or concerns, in plain English, so you can feel confident and informed about your future.

Client-Centric Financial Planning From a Trusted Team

You’ve worked all your life to accumulate wealth, and you want to be sure your assets will be there when they are needed most. You need more than just advice; you want a plan you can follow confidently into the future that gives you the freedom to adjust your goals as your life changes. The team at Detroit Capital Advisors of Raymond James has been creating such plans for its clients for more than two decades. We specialize in asset management and providing superior service with a personal touch.

The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.
Benjamin Graham