Backed by the vast resources of Raymond James, I serve a variety of clients, applying a disciplined process to helping manage their finances. Whether through investment management or complete financial planning, you can rely on me to take care of the big picture and the finer details with a disciplined, strategic approach. It all starts with getting to know you personally and truly understanding your needs. From there I aim to offer personalized recommendations and the highest level of service to ensure a productive, long-term relationship.


As I listen to you, I learn about your objectives, your perspective on investing and managing risk, your near-term needs and long-term goals. I then help you take a step back and develop a complete picture of your current finances that I use to inform your personalized financial plan.


Next, using the details you have confided in me and my access to the vast resources of Raymond James, I will develop personalized recommendations to help you reach your goals. I will then present my recommendations and outline the steps needed to implement your plan. We will discuss each part of your plan in detail, and together make any adjustments needed to make sure you’re completely comfortable with every step we take.


Once we have made any adjustments and you have approved the plan, we will systematically execute the outlined steps, coordinating with any third-parties or other professionals needed, communicating constantly along the way.


Once your plan is in place, I continue to monitor its progress toward your objectives and ensure it keeps working for you through all of life’s changes. I am committed to continual, open communication and will provide you with regular updates and ongoing support to keep your plan on track.