Our clients are a diverse group ranging from individuals and families to businesses. We recognize the differences in the lives and business of our clients and we are committed to providing personalized financial guidance.

Families & Individuals

Families and individual investors today face more competing priorities than ever before. It can be extremely difficult to balance your day-to-day needs with keeping an eye toward the future and your long-term goals. I help my clients by taking a complete look at their entire financial picture and helping them develop a plan to make the most of their available resources. A typical financial plan will cover a number of areas including spending, saving, managing debt, investment management, retirement planning, education, taxes, insurance, estate planning and more.

Young Professionals

When you’re early in your career, the impact of the decisions you make with your finances is magnified over the many earning and saving years you have left until retirement. Beginning to work with a financial advisor early on can help you get a handle on your finances and make informed decisions to set you and your family on a better path toward your goals. I help my clients who are earlier in their careers with developing budgets, managing debt, navigating employer benefits and retirement plans, beginning to invest, ensuring appropriate insurance coverage, saving for college or the purchase of a home, planning for kids and more.

Active Duty & Retired Military

Serving those who serve our country is a great responsibility and a privilege. Growing up in a military family, I learned early on the importance of taking a disciplined approach toward your finances and saw firsthand some of the unique challenges a military lifestyle can present. Today I’m glad to help a number of military families manage their finances and navigate the various programs and opportunities that are available to those who serve.

Retirees & Pre-Retirees

For those nearing or already in retirement, having a detailed roadmap for your future is essential to ensure a secure, enjoyable lifestyle for many years to come. I help my clients envision what they want their retirement years to look like and then develop a plan to make that vision a reality, while ensuring they have a high likelihood of reaching their goals and managing risk along the way. This includes taking a disciplined approach to long-term investing, structuring a sustainable income stream once in retirement, navigating Social Security & Medicare decisions, developing a thoughtful estate plan and having important conversations around things like the potential need for long-term care.

Business Owners

Beyond the demands of their day-to-day operations, business owners face a number of unique challenges in regard to their finances. I help to navigate these challenges by providing advice and solutions for important needs such as cash management, retirement planning, asset protection, employee benefits, insurance and financing. Additionally, through the investment banking and other professionals at Raymond James, I am able to assist with the valuation and eventual sale of your business, if needed.

Corporate Executives

Busy executives often have very little time to spare between the demands of their work, families and other responsibilities. I help my executive clients keep control of their finances by providing steady guidance and ongoing monitoring to pay attention to the details they may not have the time for themselves. I also help to navigate the unique opportunities and challenges presented by things like concentrated stock positions, retirement plan benefits, complicated tax and regulatory requirements, and other specialized needs.