Our Mission is to provide our clients with the financial advice and personal support they need to pursue their life's goals. By focusing on what we do, we free them to focus on what they love most. Our clients are like family to us, we always look out for their best interests, help them through difficult times, and offer our counsel on their most important decisions.

Whether meeting clients in our office or venturing to their homes for a visit, our clients are always welcomed like family. Here are a few pictures capturing our special moments with our extended family over the years.

Two elderly musicians playing for the camera.
A man and woman posting behind a soapbox racecar.
A group of people standing behind a brown soapbox racecar.
David and friends posing with a woman at her birthday celebration.
Two soapbox racecars parked in front of a building.
A long-distance shot of racecars on display.
Two men posing for a picture inside a building with another man looking on.
A smiling woman seated at a table posing with her colorful parrot.
A closeup shot of a brown soapbox racecar.
A woman in purple, seated with David standing and posing to her right.
David and a woman and her stroller outside posing.
David and Kecia posing with a wounded veteran and his guide dog.