Retirement Planning

Retirement Doesn’t Mean Putting the Brakes on Life

Retirement is not life’s finish line, but rather the start of another exciting journey. Once you hit retirement age there is plenty of living ahead of you.

So we should plan accordingly.

A true retirement plan should not only look at how much money you will need at age 65 (or whenever you retire), but also your financial needs for age 70, 75 and 80. At Finkelberg Investments, our retirement analysis is planned through 95 years of age.

A Solid Plan Will Help You Reach Your Goal

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Finkelberg Investments strongly believes in conducting a detailed retirement analysis to understand your financial needs the first year of retirement, and the years thereafter. This thorough process includes a collection of vital information (current income, retirement age, living expenses, health care costs, travel or major purchases, etc.) that helps determine how much you will need and how to plan accordingly to reach your goals.

Our retirement plan and investment approach centers around risk tolerance, so it’s not simply based on your funds at Finkelberg Investments but also considers your other investments.

What we deliver to you is a carefully prepared, detailed financial plan as you enter retirement, and for the years thereafter.

And the Magic Number Is…

You probably have read investment articles or heard advisors discuss various formulas of how much to put aside for retirement. But there is no magic number and it varies for every individual or couple, depending on their situation. You do need to plan for retirement, so you can enjoy those years and reap the rewards of your work.

That is why it is best to start retirement planning years in advance. Sooner is better than later.

Retirement planning probably won’t be a one-time occurrence. Life takes unexpected turns, situations change and so will your plans. As a client of Finkelberg Investments, we will continue to guide you on your financial journey.