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At Gateway Wealth Strategies, we believe wealth becomes significant when it enables you to enjoy what is important to you. Wealth management is about more than just managing money; it is about life and enabling you to live it to its fullest.

As such, planning must start with your life and work outward to create strategies that are distinct to you. When you come to us, you will probably have an accumulation of different investments, insurance, debt, cash flow, and tax and estate plans, but we won’t know their conditions or if they align with your goals. In order to obtain an accurate financial picture and assess potential risks, we will act as your financial professional to thoroughly analyze your wealth.

To make sure your wealth helps you to live purposefully, we’ve found the essential element in making wise decisions is clarity about your history, values, what is important and what you want to accomplish in the future. We believe when we work together to understand these things, we can implement distinct strategies designed to enable you to successfully achieve your goals.

We then put a prioritized action plan in place to address your most pressing issues and needs. This prioritized action plan makes the most prudent use of time, lays the groundwork for our future work together, and provides you additional confidence and control over your finances.

Throughout our relationship, we will work with you to understand and translate this into meaningful tasks and strategies to enhance your life. We pledge to make our relationship together an educational and enjoyable experience for you, and will put as much of the work on our shoulders as possible.

An experienced, independent practice of financial planners, investment professionals and consultants working as a team – we are passionate about delivering professional advice, manageable planning and exceptional service to provide you financial confidence so you can focus on living a great life, and achieving your goals and dreams.

As fiduciaries, we will put your best interest first. Our commitment to your best interests is the result of not only our own closely held convictions and beliefs, but also the standards set by the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Under the act, an investment advisor has a fiduciary duty to clients – a fundamental obligation to provide investment advice and always act in the clients’ best interests. We value openness with our clients and will always be transparent regarding our fees and compensation. We will be transparent in all aspects of our relationship, disclosing our fees and potential conflicts of interest.
We’re dedicated to client satisfaction – the kind that builds and supports long-term relationships. The kind of satisfaction that is the result of the hard work of a professional team that’s as dedicated to pursuing your goals as you are. Our success is measured entirely by yours.
Solid team experience and the support of two independent and well-established financial institutions provide us with the ability to help meet myriad situations and client-service needs. Our team members have been helping clients – both families and businesses – plan their financial futures for many years. And the institutions we rely upon for support have been around many, many more.
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