Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist® (CRPS®) designees can provide you with an understanding of how to establish an efficient retirement plan and ensure regular compliance with plan rules. A CRPS® designee can evaluate the financial status of your business and design the optimal plan for your employees. Get the knowledgeable advice you need on issues such as qualified plans, the eligibility and deductibility of IRA contributions, profit sharing plans, 401(k) plans, distribution planning, and much more.

  • Education: The College for Financial Planning provides CRPS® students with a graduate-level curriculum that focuses exclusively on retirement planning. Study materials are written and updated regularly by the College's full-time faculty who specialize in retirement planning and provide the most current information available
  • CRPS® Mark: To be entitled to use this mark, candidates must successfully complete the specialized program and pass a rigorous examination, sign a code of professional ethics, and complete a disclosure form attesting to their professional conduct
  • Continuing Education: All CRPS® designees must sign a commitment to ongoing continuing education credit to ensure that they stay current in the field
  • The College's Standards of Professional Conduct: Establish minimum standards of acceptable professional conduct for persons authorized to use the College's designation such as Integrity, Objectivity, Competency, Confidentiality, and Professionalism. Violations are subject to disciplinary procedures

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