A difference you can appreciate

What we’ve learned most of all along the way is that helping people is really our focus. It’s not about us. It’s not about the markets. It’s about you. As seasoned professionals, we have certainly accrued years of financial wisdom and experience, but that only really matters if the guidance and advice we provide is what’s right for your life. Helping you make the most sense of your money, explaining things in a straightforward manner, devoting ourselves to doing what’s best for you, and being here to help you tackle the important questions with thoughtful guidance and a helping hand – that’s how we’re different, and how we plan to make a difference in your life.

Our affiliation with Raymond James

Our affiliation with Raymond James is another important part of how we serve our clients. Raymond James is one of the largest independent financial services firms in America. Founded in 1962 and a public company since 1983, Raymond James has always been a different kind of company.

Unlike competitive firms that are a bank first and foremost, most of Raymond James’ business is exactly what we do – financial planning for families and individuals. They have a long history of embracing long-term planning and methodical decision-making while staying uncompromisingly client focused.

Its unique culture of independence gives us complete freedom to offer our objective, unbiased advice without any pressure to push proprietary investment products. The firm’s 4,400 professionals in its St. Petersburg, Florida, headquarters provide the support and resources we need to best serve the needs of our clients.

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