Ricardo Armijo
Ricardo J. Armijo, CEPA Managing Director CEPA

Ricardo is dedicated to helping his clients simplify their financial lives. “I believe clients have enough to worry about in their lives. My responsibility is to understand their needs and create a strategy to guide them,” Ricardo said.

He guides his clients through candid discussions about their financial concerns. As an entrepreneur himself, he understands the challenges facing business owners. He helps individuals who are experiencing major transitions in their lives, and he works with multigenerational families to help ensure that their wealth is passed efficiently.

When Ricardo first started out, if someone told him he should be reaching out four times a year, he was reaching out 12 to 24 times to see if there was anything his clients needed. This is where his family office mentality began, and it only grew from there.

He was one of a limited number of advisors to be chosen as a Citi family office advisor and attended a two-year program where he trained on all aspects of serving a family office. He would go on to run a family office where he helped handle all aspects of a client’s life – asset management, estate planning, lending, real estate, art advisory and even aircraft leasing.

Before Ricardo joined Raymond James in August 2019, he was senior vice president of private wealth at UBS Financial Services. Earlier in his career, he was a family office advisor at Smith Barney-Citi. He went through management training at Smith Barney and became a producing sales manager and trained other advisors for over five years.

Ricardo began his financial career in 1995, but his passion for stocks started at a young age. While living in Germany, McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in his city. Seeing that the line was out the door for months led Ricardo to do some research into the company and make McDonald’s his first stock buy.

Ricardo has always been dedicated to helping others, even outside his financial career. He spent five years as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, where he would help fix roofs on homes in Detroit. He also worked as a mentor for American Corporate Partners, a yearlong program that helped military personnel transition to civilian workplaces.

Ricardo grew up in a military family stationed in Germany. “It taught me discipline, loyalty and taking care of the team,” Ricardo said. He has a lifelong passion of travel, which he enjoys with his wife, Maria, and their three children.

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