Prudent wealth counsel for those dedicated to service

When your personal definition of success includes a dedication to making a difference – and your degree of wealth puts you in a favorable position to do so – you want a financial advisor who shares your service mindset and is also highly skilled in managing and preserving your wealth.

Ken Haycraft meets these criteria. He is a man who has made “Always in Service” his personal motto, and he is well-versed in addressing the financial complexities that often accompany substantial wealth.

As a veteran whose family lineage of military service goes back generations, it’s easy to understand why his clients include fellow veterans and military officers. But they also include other service-minded professionals like family wealth stewards, business and community leaders such as professors and doctors.

Ken Haycraft invites you to join him on his mission to make a difference – and to facilitate your personal goals of providing for your family, supporting your favorite causes and building your legacy.

One never outlives the notions of duty, hard work and serving one’s community.
Ken Haycraft