We specialize in investment, retirement and estate planning strategies. Working closely with clients, we structure their finances with the goals of managing investment risk effectively, securing retirement income and maximizing asset transfers to future generations. Our services include asset management, retirement planning, 401(k) consulting, 529 plans for college savings and financial planning. Rather than a generic investment program, we can offer you a personalized and ongoing financial strategy based on your unique situation, preferences and objectives.


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What Now?

Over the past decade, we've seen significant economic growth, followed by recent uncertainty. Going forward, are you wondering how to modify your approach?

  • Your portfolio hasn’t been rebalanced in response to market conditions. Are your holdings sufficiently diversified to help reduce the effects of market volatility?
  • Your retirement and investment accounts are scattered at several different financial institutions. Can consolidation of your accounts allow for a more cohesive investment plan and help simplify your life?
  • You wonder how much you'll need to retire without depleting your savings. Is there a way to estimate and plan for your retirement goals under a variety of different possible economic scenarios? You've changed jobs or have retired. What should you do with your 401k plan or other retirement plan from your former employer?
  • You hope to transfer your wealth to future generations in a tax efficient and streamlined manner. What can you do to effectively provide for your family when you're no longer here?
  • You want to save for your children's or grandchildren's college education. How can a 529 plan help you to accomplish this goal? You are seeking a higher level of income on your retirement assets. What choices make sense in this current period of low interest rates?
  • Your investment accounts have not sufficiently participated in the market's growth or you feel that your current advisor has not sufficiently communicated with you. What alternatives may help to improve your experience?

The guidance of an experienced and unbiased advisor can help clients navigate through the complexities of these issues. Please contact Howard Goodfriend at (312) 922-3769 for answers to these questions and determine how he may be able to help. 

* Every investor's situation is unique and you should consider your investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon before making any investment. There is no assurance that any investment will meet its investment objectives or that substantial losses will be avoided. Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.