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Martin Truax

Managing Director

Martin is a graduate of Denison University, where he received a Bachelor of Art degree in 1966. From there he went on to attended Emory University, where he earned an MBA in 1968. Once he achieved his academic goals, Martin began his professional career teaching finance and investment courses at East Carolina University.

As time passed, Martin became interested in the opportunities offered by Wall Street. So, like Ron, Martin joined Shearson Hammill & Co. in 1971. Today, Martin focuses on the overall investment planning and implementation process for the clients of IPMG. He has also used the knowledge he's amassed in his career as an investment advisor to author the book "Building Personal Wealth."

Martin is the founder and organizer of the Atlanta Investment Conference, which, since 1987, has brought together an impressive list of noted investment speakers at each annual conference. Proceeds from this event, along with other fundraising activities, go to CADEF (Childhood Autism Diagnostic and Education Foundation), which Martin and his wife founded in 1985. CADEF has been instrumental in substantially increasing the understanding and treatment of autistic children. Through the efforts of CADEF and many volunteers and contributors over the years, a $4 million Autism Center on the Emory University campus in Atlanta was opened in August of 2002.

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