Kaleena Dughi

Administrative Assistant

Growing up on a dairy farm in Rome, Kaleena Dughi understands the importance of hard work and the value of a dollar. Add to her strong work ethics the characteristics she inherited from her parents and grandparents of being a humble and kind individual, you will appreciate why Kaleena excels as the administrative and marketing assistant at JP Financial and why we are grateful to have her on our team.

Kaleena, a 2001 honor graduate from Northeast Bradford High School, believes that everyone should be treated with respect and kindness and lives by the expectation that “each day is a gift – live it!” Her infectious positivity creates an all-around welcoming atmosphere that permeates into everything she does and to everyone she meets. Focusing on a healthy and faith-driven lifestyle, along with her determination to fight through even the toughest battles (surviving breast cancer in 2013), Kaleena is a go–getter and stands ready to guide our clients toward achieving success in their financial future.

When not helping others, Kaleena enjoys camping with her husband Joe, and their children Caleb and Kara, planting flowers, and spending time outdoors. No matter what she is doing, she gives all the glory to God. Kaleena and her family currently reside in Rome along with two dogs, Kimber and Bristol; two cats, Ben and Jerry; and their horses, Friday and Bailey.

If you have questions about securing your financial future, reach out to Kaleena. She will take good care of you and guide you toward finding the answers you need.