Krise Wealth Management Group

When you partner with Krise Wealth Management Group of Raymond James, we begin a new relationship. The most important part of any healthy relationship whether it be a marriage, friendship, or partnership is trust. We believe strongly that in order for us to do the best possible planning for you and your family our relationship must have a strong foundation of trust. Our straightforward honest approach may not be for everyone, but for the clients who have been part of our family for a combined 20 years, it is a main reason they trust us with their wealth. We are a family business and our clients are more to us than their accounts, they become part of our family, sharing in the joys and weathering the storms of life together.

Our team-based approach allows for optimal client satisfaction both in service and wealth management. You can rest assured that someone will always respond to your phone call or email in a timely and effective manner. Each member of Krise Wealth Management is familiar with each member of our client family ensuring continuity of your relationship.

Also, you benefit from a collaborative approach to planning and investment management. Many believe the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” It is undeniable that men and women can differ greatly on issues of wealth and planning. Being a married team is certainly unique but the communication skills and trust we have for one another allows us to accommodate these differences. Collaboration in our practice is similar to collaboration in our marriage. We bring our unique perspectives to the table, challenge each other, and are able to find the best solution because we share common values.

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