Activate the Advantages

Our team of professionals weighs in with more than 160 years of combined financial services experience.

All advisors are deeply involved in the firm’s financial planning and investment processes.

With their wide-ranging backgrounds, training, and skills each advisor contributes an individual outlook, special knowhow, and varied strengths to the team.

Every client works closely with one or two advisors.  When called for, the closely aligned team can direct its full attention and special skills to planning for an individual situation.  Simply, they can multiply the resources that touch a client’s life.

Behind the advisors is an active support team of Registered Senior Client Service Associates.  From their more than 60 years of combined financial services experience they can efficiently address a specific planning or financial need or coordinate with an advisor for a prompt answer to your question.

In addition, the team adds the corporate resources of Raymond James to the personalized service of Louisville Capital Advisors.

See the team approach in action in our Louisville Capital Advisors Planning Process here »