Developing your big picture

As you describe the future you envision, our team will listen both attentively and analytically. We'll work to elicit not only your specific goals, but also potential obstacles and even unforeseen possibilities.

Just as the process of creating photos has several stages, our systematic financial planning process includes several critical steps:

framing icon


At this first and vitally important stage, our team will ask the fundamental question, "Why are you here?" Your answer will give us valuable insights into who you are, your values, your attitudes about money, your present circumstances and your goals for the future. Based on that, we can begin framing our advisor-client partnership, outlining the working parameters and defining the ways we'll measure success.

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One of our team's greatest strengths is helping clients clarify their financial objectives – moving, for example, from "I'd like to have a financially independent retirement" to "Here is what I would like to do when I'm retired and how I picture living." We'll also focus on your investing history, your current financial situation, and your desired lifestyle for both the present and the future.

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Once we understand your circumstances, needs and clearly defined financial objectives, we'll draw together all the various elements of your financial life, composing a complete picture that may include:

  • Charitable giving and bequests,
  • Education planning,
  • Tax planning,
  • Insurance coverages: life, disability, long-term care, homeowners, auto and liability,
  • Banking services, and
  • Customized investment choices.

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With our now-complete picture, we can determine which resources and strategies will best suit your needs. We'll develop a structured, goal-oriented plan geared to meeting your specific financial objectives within the guidelines of your tolerance for risk, your preferred investment style and other factors.

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As we implement and monitor your financial plan, we'll communicate with you regularly about its performance and any changes we recommend. As it progresses, we'll respond to your questions about specific investments, market shifts, the impact of economic news and how changes in your personal situation might affect your plan.

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Life is never static. As our partnership with you continues through your life's various stages, we'll adjust your financial plan as needed. We'll revise it to accommodate changes in your family structure, your plans for retirement, your or your spouse's health, or your overall needs.

Raymond James does not provide tax or accounting services.