Streamlined strategies for a lifetime of needs

Retirement Planning made simple process

Step 1: Prepare for Retirement (Or update your current Retirement)

How to approach your new reality and what you need to know

Step 2: Clarity of Priority and goals.

What do you want to do in the next phase of your life? Go back to school, Hike the Appalachian Trail, take dance classes, teach, write, blog, paint? Who do you want to help?

Step 3: Getting organized

Putting together all of your financial data. This will include 401ks, pensions, alimony, mortgages, investments, debts, cash flow both in and out. Expected big expenses and maybe some not so expected expenses.

Step 4: Putting all of the parts of the puzzle together.

We will develop a custom plan based on all of the information from above. We will look for opportunities as well as possible pitfalls to watch for.

Step 5: Review and advise as needed.

We will conduct reviews to look at our progress and yours. Have you adjusted your plans? Has a health issue become front and center? What concerns you looking out over the next series of years? If you are struggling with an issue can, we refer you to one of our professionals for help. Our service goes beyond just the numbers. We are here to help in any way we can and to help you build confidence in your retirement.

Step 6: Optional Service— Your health and wellbeing

This is where we look to provide more than just financial advice. These next years should not be ones of declining health, and lessened mental alertness. They have the potential to be your most vibrant active years doing and accomplishing things you may have thought were impossible. This is a complimentary service where we sit and listen. From that we will suggest plans of action for your physical health from food intake to exercise and socialization.

 Since losing my mother and my sister to Alzheimer’s I have been on a mission to help others understand that good physical and mental health are, for the most part, a choice. Poor health does not have to be a forgone conclusion.

Join me on this journey.