Donald Morris, CDFA® Financial Advisor

It is often said we can only truly help another person to the degree of knowledge and emotional experience we have lived.

With this in mind, this is our journey, yours and mine. We will work to rebuild your financial life after divorce and move forward to find your new voice.

As a financial Advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®) , I sit with my clients as they negotiate division of a lifetime’s accumulation of financial and emotional assets. The stark reality of a divorce can be even more emotional and overwhelming when everything you have worked for is reduced to numbers on a page.

My position as president of the Central Ohio Academy of Collaborative Divorce Professionals and my work in continuing education for family law attorneys with the Columbus Bar Association gives me, as a financial advisor, a distinct perspective in understanding the challenges and solutions for going through and surviving divorce.

My 30 + years as a financial advisor allow me to view and balance the immediate financial needs of you and your children vs YOUR long-term goals.

I find that when provided with actionable financial tools and a clear roadmap to follow, the newly divorced individual typically gains a sense of purpose and adopts a long view as to what this event will mean to them and what is possible. This is where they start to find a new strength to face the world no longer as a couple, in other words, a new voice. One, in many instances, they didn’t even know existed.

Whether you are new at money management or financially savvy, My goal is to empower you and go at your pace. I will create with you a personalized roadmap guiding you across and around the large and small divorce-related financial issues. I practice open communication which is the key to this relationship.

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