Guidance for the big picture and finer details

Navigating Your Financial Life SM A Personalized Guide for Your Journey

Who is onboard?

To start, we look at who will be with you on your journey as either co-travelers or as guides and advisors.

Where are you now?

This step looks at where you are at this moment in time. Of course, part of that is assessing the assets and liabilities you currently have. Perhaps more important though are answers to questions like How did you get to this point? What is the decision process you have employed? What mistakes have you made? Where do you think you have done well? Are you happy with your current situation and your results? And more. These life experiences make up who you are.

Where do you want to go?

Now we are looking toward the future. Part of the process may be sorting out prior decisions and getting in position to move forward. However, in this step, we want to spend a good deal of time envisioning a future that inspires you.

How do you get to the destination?

Remember, the destination is where you are heading but it is important to enjoy the journey. A financial life is made up of many seemingly small actions performed over what are often extraordinarily-long time horizons. This step is a map to get you there.

Get underway!

The best plans don’t make a voyage. Begin taking coordinated action toward your future.

Check the GPS regularly.

Really, there are two parts to this. First, we want to revisit your goals and make sure we are still heading toward a destination that has meaning to you. Priorities shift over time and your plan still needs to have enough flexibility to handle these changes. Secondly, since most goals will stay with you for the duration, it is important to periodically review progress and revisit the course you are pursuing.