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Whether it’s over the horizon or right around the corner, retirement is a time to be treasured. It’s also a time that can be preceded by many questions and unsettled concerns. Wouldn’t it be comforting to get knowledgeable answers and personalized financial guidance to help you feel confident along your journey from working days to retirement life?

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When can I retire?

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How do I replace my paycheck?

Your retirement income can arrive like your paycheck does today.
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Have I saved enough?

We’re here to help provide a clear, concise answer.
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Who do I need to help me?

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional can be a great choice.
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“When can I retire?”

Having just celebrated her 60th birthday, Karen started to think seriously about setting a retirement date. Fiercely independent, she wanted to retire on her terms – not on a date set by the Social Security Administration or anybody else for that matter.

When we met with Karen to help answer her question, we first talked about her vision for retirement – what she’d like to do, where she’d like to go, all her needs for life and a few special extras she’d like to enjoy with more time to do so. Next, we looked at her retirement assets and investments to date – which proved to be sizeable – and the income we knew she’d receive from her pension and Social Security.

With her information collected and analyzed, we created a flexible retirement plan that helped us evaluate several scenarios including retiring now or working for a few more years. With a more complete picture of her finances and the options before her, Karen chose to retire before summer to spend more time with her grandchildren. We then designed an income plan based on her assets and set the date for her retirement – all on Karen’s terms.

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