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At Opp Retirement Wealth Planning, our mission is quite simple: We’re here to answer your questions about retirement so you can face the future with confidence – knowing you have a personalized financial plan in hand, that your wealth is positioned to work for you, and that you have a committed, knowledgeable team to help guide you along the way.

To us, nothing should feel more familiar or comfortable to you than your own retirement. It’s a feeling that begins with knowledgeable financial guidance and continues throughout the years as you enjoy an income stream made possible through years of diligent saving by you and a sound wealth management strategy.

“How do I replace my paycheck?”

64-year-old Bill has enjoyed a successful career and has worked for several well-known corporations. As a result, he benefits from a steady paycheck that provides a sense of security and accomplishment. Add to that the convenience of direct deposit, and it’s easy to see how he’s become used to a predetermined sum of money showing up in his bank account each month.

To help answer Bill’s question, we used retirement income planning to consider all his retirement assets and the right amount to consistently withdraw in order to create a “retirement paycheck” that can be deposited monthly into the bank account of his choice. This will enable him to keep paying his bills online and enjoy other convenient banking functions to which he’s grown accustomed. Ultimately, it means that Bill’s financial life will remain as familiar in retirement as it does today.

We also discussed plans to help protect his assets if he were to become ill and require long-term care. And since his wife always worked in the home, we also showed him how to help ensure the “retirement paycheck” kept coming if anything ever happened to him.

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