Equity research

Broad scope, deep coverage

Raymond James’ equity research is a cornerstone of the organization. Raymond James and its affiliates in Canada, Europe and Latin America employ 100 research analysts who cover nearly 1,400 companies in nine highly focused industries: Consumer, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrial, Mining & Natural Resources, Real Estate, Technology & Communications and Transportation. We are a top 5 provider of equity research in both the U.S. and North America in terms of companies covered.

Our research analysts and their teams seek attractive niches within broader industries and then cover these sectors deeply to develop differentiated sector expertise and relationships. While our focus is middle- and small-capitalization companies, our go-deep philosophy typically results in our coverage of large, medium and small companies across each sector; overall about one-quarter of our global coverage universe is large cap companies.

We believe our research philosophy is further distinguished by our supply chain approach. Many of our analysts and industry groups have constructed coverage universes that include the complete supply chain for that industry: key suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. Analysts also collaborate to produce supply chain surveys, reports and industry updates designed to help investors “connect the dots” in key industries.

Finally, to help our clients place this wealth of fundamental data into perspective, we also provide exclusive access to the latest market and economic commentary from our firm’s top internal experts, including our chief market technician, investment strategist and chief economist.

Technology, small-cap, and mid-cap securities generally involve greater risks.