As a professional or corporate executive, you well know that planning is the key to running a successful company or practice. The same can be said for your financial future. However, between the demands of work and the complexities of your personal financial matters, planning for your own future can be challenging.

Our team serves executives and professionals who recognize the prudence in having a well-designed financial plan for addressing short-term needs for today, such as saving for their children’s college educations, and for tomorrow, such as retirement.

You can rely on Schoen Capital Group of Raymond James to help provide high-level expertise and guidance for your personal financial matters and the needs of your firm or practice. We can serve as your trusted partner to help manage your investments, and mitigate your tax burden, while also addressing key issues such as stock options, estate planning, generational wealth transfer and charitable giving.

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

– Warren Buffett